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Our procurement policy

As a non-departmental public body, we must comply with European Union procurement directives and UK procurement regulations. Procurement within the public sector is important and complex. Our procurement team will:

  • ensure compliance with UK and European Law
  • select the most efficient and effective procurement route
  • achieve best value for money
  • be responsible for sourcing and vetting suppliers
  • review and agree contract terms and conditions

We have a primary objective to ensure that we procure goods and services of appropriate quality, on suitable terms and at a price which represents value for money. We aim to deliver best practice procurement to ensure we:

  • have a procurement function and capability appropriate to meeting the corporate strategy
  • have a contract management capability to improve 'business as usual' requirements
  • apply regulatory and legislative compliance in commercial activities and maximise its value for money performance
  • fulfil our corporate social responsibility, sustainability and best practice commitments

Cabinet Office Controls

We are currently within the scope of the Cabinet Office Controls which consist of:

  1. advertising, marketing and communications
  2. strategic supplier management, including disputes
  3. digital and technology, including ID assurance
  4. consultancy
  5. property, including facilities management
  6. commercial models
  7. redundancy and compensation
  8. external recruitment
  9. learning and development


To ensure transparency the regulator has committed to publishing

  • On Contracts Finder: all above-EU threshold tender and contract documents, and tender and contract documents for opportunities over £10,000 where suppliers have not already been selected onto a Framework Agreement or Dynamic Purchasing System (this information is made available to the public free of charge)
  • contracts register(published monthly)
  • spend over £25,000 (published monthly)

Suppliers and those organisations looking to bid for public sector contracts should be aware that if they are awarded a new government contract, the resulting contract between the supplier and government maybe published. In some circumstances, redactions may be made to some contracts before they are published in order to comply with existing law and for the protection of national security; exceptions may be made in accordance with Cabinet Office guidance.

Supplying us

We're keen to share information about doing business. Our current and future suppliers, of both goods and services, play an important role in helping us to achieve our corporate objectives.  

It's our policy to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs), black, asian and minority ethnic organisations (BAMEs) and voluntary, community and social enterprises (VCSEs) to bid for regulator contracts, and work with larger suppliers to subcontract to such organisations. We aim to further enhance opportunities for these organisations wherever possible and we must be consistent with value for money and the need to treat all companies fairly.

Our guide for suppliers is being revised; this will provide information on responsibilities within the regulator for procurement, how to compete for contracts, and rules and regulations.

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