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Competency framework

We have a competency-based approach to recruitment and selection, and attach great importance to our competency framework.

In addition to a number of business and technical elements, we will use our values, competencies and behaviours as part of our recruitment and selection processes to attract, assess and interview you and other applicants.

We not only believe that this facilitates a systematic approach to this extremely important aspect of our work, but provides an equitable framework for all applications to be considered.

For more information see our purpose, values and competencies, and competency matrix documents below.

Our purpose and values

Our purpose

Committed to increasing confidence and participation in workplace pensions.

Our values

We make our actions count

  • we are alert to, engaged with and informed about what’s going on around us
  • we consider both the immediate and long-term consequences of our interventions
  • we are targeted and decisive, prioritising our effort in proportion to the likelihood and impact of risk
  • we learn and improve, sharing our learning and adapting to changing circumstances
  • we strive to achieve value for money in all that we do, seeking to do more with less where we can

We help people do what’s required

  • we understand our customers and design our approaches from their perspective
  • we take time to explain our objectives and our approaches
  • we are reasonable, seeking to be flexible and to achieve pragmatic outcomes
  • we focus on educating, enabling and enforcing as appropriate

We work collaboratively

  • we work in partnership and focus on joint problem solving to meet common objectives
  • we build relationships, value diverse view points and work at securing consensus for change
  • we are effective at working with others to ensure timely access to the right expertise and capability
  • we show respect for those we work with

We act with integrity

  • we are open, even handed and transparent
  • we base our judgements on principles, evidence and fact
  • we take ownership for, and are accountable for our actions
  • we recognise and act on our environmental responsibilities

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