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Compliance and enforcement policy for public service pension schemes

Open date: 05 February 2015
Closing date: 05 March 2015
Response date: 04 June 2015

Consultation on our draft compliance and enforcement policy for public service pension schemes.

Consultation response


This consultation presents our proposed approach to compliance and enforcement in relation to public service pension schemes, which are those principally covering civil servants, the judiciary, local government workers, teachers, health service workers, fire and rescue workers, members of police forces and the armed forces.

The public service compliance and enforcement policy sits under our organisation-wide approach to regulating work-based pensions and our specific public service regulatory strategy.

The public service strategy sets out our objectives in regulating public service schemes, the compliance and enforcement policy sets out more detail on how we intend to achieve this and what those we are regulating can expect from us.

In broad terms it sets out:

  • how we identify and assess risk in public service schemes and how this forms the basis for our operational activity
  • our approach to monitoring public service schemes through reactive and proactive sources
  • how a public service scheme may be investigated by a case team, and
  • the enforcement options available to us and other enablement and educative interventions that may be used

Consultation documents