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Employer non-compliant, subject to further action (EPN paid)

Employer name Postcode Amount paid
Armor UK Ltd SG6 £5,000
Happy Garden SA73 £1,000
Ideal Power EX32 £5,000
Old Oak Joinery W12 £1,000
Rider Support Solicitors SW15 £5,000
Rocky Mountain Nurseries BA5 £5,000
Garforth Haulage Ltd LS25 £5,000
Oak Brewing Company Ltd OL10 £5,000
Mr N Joshi SE22 £1,400
Pevensey Road Ltd BN21 £5,000

Unpaid EPNs subject to a Court Order

Employer name Postcode Amount owed
Achillegroup OX16 £14,000
EWM Ltd SY9 £52,500
FSSS Ltd NP19 £500
Liquid Trading CR0 £5,000
L'Unico Ltd EC1V £3,500
Mr W J Cushing TF9 £52,500
Palm Beach HA0 £1,000
Plough Green Pharmacy Ltd KT4 £1,000
Sepam (UK) Ltd TW8 £24,500
Taffs Well Ex Service and Social Club CF37 £1,000
The Legh Arms SK10 £24,500
Towneley House BB11 £1,000
Woodlands Manor Care Home Ltd BS36 £52,500
Al Piccolino SY1 £5,000
GT Carpentry Ltd OX12 £5,000
Rila Publications Ltd W1T £5,000
Shard End Social Club B34 £5,000
Teesside Bridge and Engineering Recreation Club TS3 £5,000
The Norfolk Ski Club NR20 £52,500
Arrowebrook Coaches CH49 £14,000
D Worbey Poultry Services IP25 £14,000
The Italian at Blakeneys SR3 £14,000
Alness Lodge Rest Home M21 £5,000
Trattoria Mondello Ltd W1T £4,000
Holt Green Residential Homes Ltd L39 £4,500
H Beardsley Ltd NG17 £10,000
Radleigh Metal Coatings WV22 £11,000
Housewife Cash and Carry SE8 £5,000
Matchpoint Tours Ltd PE6 £5,000
Supertec Designs Ltd SE19 £5,000
Atlas Travel Insurance Services Ltd TW8 £5,000
Glow Beauty Bar Ltd TW16 £35,000
Provider Support Services Ltd WD3 £5,000
Advance Automotive Centre HU1 £5,000
Omega Site Engineering Ltd CB9 £5,000
Mr PM Jones CV7 £5,000
Leamington Tennis Court Club CV32 £700
Seven Eleven Foods Ltd SW4 £1,000
Willesborough and Kennington Garages Ltd TN24 £14,000
Chatterbox Private Day Nursery S70 £14,000
Westbrook Restaurants Ltd DL1 £7,500
CP Owen Ltd CH1 £5,000
Wesley Dental Care WF5 £5,000
AM Trading UK Ltd HA4 £5,000
The Curzon Club RG30 £5,000
Chasbikes SE11 £2,500
Royle Environmental Services Ltd WA7 £2,000
G and M Cars LS26 £5,000
Payless Food Cash and Carry Ltd LE1 £5,000
Vina Tooling Ltd LE4 £3,000
Complete Catering B5 £5,000
The Alhambra CW10 £5,000
Smiles Daycare NR33 £5,000
Puddleducks Playgroup CF83 £5,000
Parkway 38 Ltd NW1 £14,000
SNA Supermarket Ltd SO18 £5,000
Mr Michael Lewtas M3 £6,000
Air India Ltd TW8 £24,500
Laminated Supplies Limited HU9 £14,000
Corby Town Football Club (1993) Ltd NN17 £24,500
IVY Union Ltd BN3 £3,500
Haz International Ltd AL9 £3,500
Circa Events BN2 £6,000
DX Cooling Ltd CV1 £5,000

Chair statement fines – failing to produce

Chair’s statement fines to 30 June 2017

Scheme name Trustee Amount
Abbey Manor Group Pension Scheme £500.00
The EBC Pension Scheme PTL Governance Ltd £2,000.00
The Comshare Retirement and Death Benefits Plan Pitmans Trustees Ltd £2,000.00
Precision Carbide Tools Ltd Pension and Life Assurance Scheme Pitmans Trustees Ltd £2,000.00
Dobson and Beaumont Pension Scheme 60101 £503.10
Westgate Pension Plan £600.70
Save and Prosper Co Pension Scheme £518.40
Save and Prosper Personal Retirement Account £2,000.00
Save and Prosper Personal Retirement Account Simplified Pension Scheme £502.30
The Abbeyfield Rutherglen Society Staff Pension Scheme Q0117 £501.20
The Nurture Master Trust MC Trustees Ltd £2,000.00
Lancashire Saw Co Employees Retirement Plan G0010196l £502.50
London Diocesan Fund 990000 £500.30
Centrepiece Engineering 1992 Pension Scheme 709016/21 £502.90
Heaven Dowsett and Co Ltd Pension and Life Assurance 31795 £502.30
Wise Employment (Swindon) Ltd 2002 Staff Pension Scheme £502.00
Wise Employment (2002) Managers Pension Scheme £501.40
Aspect Software UK Ltd Pension Scheme £501.40
North Kensington Law Centre Pension and Life Assurance Scheme (1980) £501.20
Selective Pension Plan of JV Geer and Sons Ltd P1200129A P1200123A £500.30
Chas E Goad Ltd 1988 Staff Pension Scheme - EO713 £501.40
Creaseys LLP Retirement Benefits Scheme £500.60
The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Pension Scheme £514.20
EFTEC Ltd Money Purchase Retirement Benefits Scheme £503.50
Waveney Truck Parts Ltd Staff Pension Group Money Purchase Plan 709124/29 £501.40
The Chinese Overseas Christian Mission Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme £506.80
Stoke Rochford Management Pension Scheme £503.80
Luvata Welwyn Garden Ltd Death and Retirement Benefits Scheme £500.70
Caterpillar (NI) Ltd Retirment Benefits Scheme £554.20
FG Wilson Engineering Ltd No 2 10367 £501.60
Travis Perkins Pension and Dependants' Benefit Scheme £2,000.00
Cyril J Deal Ltd (1983) Retirement Security Plan 002333 £500.70
Pin Croft Dyeing and Printing Co Ltd Retirement Benefits Plan £501.20
Dr Md Gareh and Partners Retirement Benefits Scheme £500.30
Steed and Steed (1984) Executive Benefit Plan Scheme Number 003416 £500.30
Eur-O-Compound UK Retirement Benefits Scheme £502.30
John Wilson (Steel) Executive Pension Plan £500.20
Conway Relf Group Retirement Benefits Scheme 215044/366 £501.10
The Heaton Cooper Studio Ltd £500.20
The London Metal Exchange 1989 Pension Scheme H90172 £544.10
Dowdeswell Engineering Co Ltd Pension and Employee Benefits Plan £2,000.00
William Hatton No 2 Pension and Life Assurance Scheme £503.70
Scope Creative Marketing Ltd (1991) Retirement Benefits Plan U485577 £501.60
The Electro Dynamic Construction Co Ltd Works 1986 Retirement Benefit Scheme £501.40
The AT Free and Co Ltd Pension Plan P00095-06-Bd P10638-765-Dl P00095-036-Bea P11667-036-DKA £500.40
The National Federation of Sub-Postmasters Staff Pension Scheme 79235 £500.80
R and C Williams RBS - 42493 £500.20
Silleck Mouldings (Inchinnan) RBS F29070 £508.20
The Chase Creative Consultants Ltd Executive Pension Plan 769046/57 £500.30
Royal Wimbledon Golf Club Multipension Group Plan C27425 £502.10
Monkbridge Construction Co Ltd £501.60
Norwell Engineering Ltd Staff Pension Scheme E0772 £501.80
Wilsons Plc No 2 Scheme Scottish Life 9819 £500.30
The Kendall Bros (Portsmouth) Ltd Pension Plan P80020-035-BG £500.40
In Health Retirment and Death Benefit Scheme 90838 £501.40
Hodson Machine Tools Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme £500.80
Express Cleaners and Launderers Pension Scheme F8977 £501.80
The Albert Fisher Group UK Money Purchase Pension Plan HR Trustees Ltd £2,000.00
Cobelfret Ferries (UK) Ltd (1993) Pension and Life Assurance Scheme MP2168 £501.30
Polyrey (UK) Ltd Executive Pension Plan Scs71/21865 £501.20
1977 DE (JBW UK) Ltd Retirement Plan 935-237026000W £514.60
Ajilon Plc Employee Pension Scheme PM25775 £501.60
St Patricks Grammar School F35012 £1,000.40
The Retirement Benefit Scheme of The Congregational Federation 60723 £503.80
Bronx Engineering Plc Pension Plan £500.20
John Watson and Carter Pension and Life Assurance Plan 1983 £501.30
Sydenhams Pension Scheme £500.80
J Browne Construction Co Ltd Works Co Retirement 50557 £500.90
Bulrush Peat Co Ltd Retirement and Death Benefits Scheme E30624 £500.10
Roedean School (Non Teaching) Vip Plus Plan 1808k £500.70
The Willsher and Quick Pension Scheme £504.90
Ecco Employment Agency Ltd Co Retirement Account £503.10
Reach Engineering and Diving Services Ltd Staff Pension Scheme £500.70
The Thermatic Executive Pension Fund £1,001.60
Dialene Plc Retirement Benefits Scheme £500.20
Knighton Evangelical Free Church Employee Benefits Scheme 22801-G £500.40
Timbmet Group Pension Fund £500.40
Berkshire Golf Club Ltd Retirement Benefits scheme £500.50
The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation 2002 Pension Scheme 74474001 £502.50
Grosvenor Contracts Leasing Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme £500.60
Leander International Pet Foods Ltd Executives Starplan £501.00
Ardfin Retirement Benefits Scheme £500.20
S and A Lesme Plan 20 £502.60
Brown Brothers Harriman London Office Employees Pension and Death In Service Plans £503.50
The Richard Haworth Staff Pension Fund £500.50
Tower Veterinary Group Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme 62266 £500.30
Ashtead Group Plc Retirement Benefits Plan £518.30
CR Willcocks and Co Ltd (1983) Retirement Benefits Scheme 100871239 £502.60
The H Marcel Guest Ltd Retirement Benefit Scheme £500.30
The Richard Haworth Staff Pension Fund £500.50
Over Rankeilour Farms Pension Plan £500.50
Lanarkshire Welding Co Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme c3422 £502.50
Prebon Marshall Yamane (UK) Ltd Retirement Benefit Scheme £500.20
Idem Furniture Ltd Pension and Death Benefits Plan Sovereign Trustees Ltd £2,000.00
GATX-UK Pension Scheme £501.30
The Congregational Union of Scotland 1972 Retirement and Death Benefit Scheme £501.90
Employment Opportunities Pension Scheme 704699 £501.80
Strathroy Dairy Retirement Benefits Scheme 152LP257 £500.80
Walmsleys Insurance Ltd Pension and Life Assurance Scheme MP9189 £501.20

Scheme return fine – failing to submit to us on time

Scheme return fines to 30 June 2017

Scheme name Number of fines issued Total amount
M Holleran Ltd Pension Plan 1 £300
New Station Bodyworks Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme 550085 1 £300
BR Footwear Ltd 1 £300
Smith Roddam and Co Pension and Life Assurance Scheme 2 £600
Stressline Ltd Staff Pension and Life Assurance Scheme CO77352j 1 £500
Charles Anderson Co Pension Plan U483605 1 £300
Choices Co Scheme For BFD Holdings Ltd 1 £500
RDW Scenery Construction Ltd Retirement Benefit Scheme F8804 1 £300
Equilibrium Health Ltd SSAS 2 £500
Dalton Group (Southern) Ltd Pension Scheme 3 £900
Panadent Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme MF01 1 £50
Cavalier Carpets Ltd Executive Pension Plan 763892/41 Y63892 1 £250
The OB and EB Ltd Benefit Scheme 2 £600
St Ives School Pension Scheme Retirement Benefits Scheme 1 £400
Walmsleys Insurance Ltd Pension and Life Assurance Scheme MP9189 1 £300
AudicomPendax Ltd Simplified Group Money Purchase Plan PM38660 1 £500
Pen Finance Ltd RBS 1 £250
LGPS - London Borough of Barnet Superannuation Fund 1 £1,000
Dr McLees and Partners 1 £300
Patann Pension Fund 4 £600
Lancing College Pension Enhancement Scheme P120868 1 £300
J Pickard and Co (Burrington) Ltd Executive Retirement Benefits Scheme 1 £300
The Cognition Coaching and Development Pension Scheme 2 £600
Distance Pension Scheme 2 £600
Trendy Retirement Benefit Scheme 1 £300
Unique Collections Ltd HE4358 1 £400
Trendy Retirement Benefit Scheme 1 £300
Fredericks (Mechanical Services) Ltd Pension Scheme 1 £400
Hilditch and Key Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme No 1 2 £450
O'Donnell Civil Engineers Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme SSAS 859 3 £900
D Sanderson (Bookbinders) Ltd Executive Pension Plan 2 £500
Macauley and Ritchie Executive Pension Plan 761009/47 3 £900
Ely and Sidney Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme 9751877/78/79/80 3 £900
Hillson and Twigden Ltd 12654 1 £400
The Country Ovens Pension Fund 4 £600
Halton Scaffolding Ltd 1 £300
The JOX Pension Scheme 2 £600
HT Scaffolding Systems Ltd Retirement Benefits Scheme 63591448/63591405/63644177/63644185 2 £600
S and H Pension Fund 5 £1,000
Morris Homes Ltd Retirement Savings Scheme 1 £400
The NWCL Executive Pension Plan 1 £400
George Wilkinson (Burnley) Ltd Pension Plan 1 £400
The Lawsons (Whetstone) Ltd Executive Retirement Benefits Scheme 1 £400
The Express Packaging Pension Scheme 2 £400
White Mountain Civils Ltd 1 £450
GUG Pension Plan 1 £300
The James Ward and Sons (Ni) Ltd Pension Plan 1 £400
Ribblesdale Motors Ltd (1981) Employee Benefits Plan 1 £300
Edward Nicholson Ltd VIP Plus Plan 2001551B / 2001262H 1 £450
North London Saw Works Ltd Pension Scheme 1 £500
Passepartout's Ltd Pension Scheme 2 £600
Time and Tide Construction Pension Scheme 2 £600
The Constant 2005 Pension Plan 2 £600
Petlon Polymers Ltd FEP944284 1 £400