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Choosing a pension scheme

Automatic enrolment means that you will have to put some of your staff into a workplace pension scheme and you, your staff and the government will pay money into it. For this to happen, you’ll need a scheme to put the money into.

If you’ve already got a scheme in place for your staff, you’ll need to ask the pension provider if it can be used for automatic enrolment. If it can’t – or you don’t currently have a scheme – then you’ll need to choose one.

There are a lot of pension providers and it may feel a bit daunting to make a choice. We’ve got help on choosing a scheme on our website, with a list of providers who can offer pensions to employers like you. There’s also the National Employment Savings Trust – known as NEST – which was set up by government and has to accept all employers who want to use it for automatic enrolment.

Not all schemes offer the same level of services, and some will charge more than others, so, have a look at our guidance to help you choose. Whether you’ve got a pension scheme in place already, or you’re just at the start of your automatic enrolment journey, go to 'Choose a pension scheme’.

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