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I employ a personal care assistant and don’t need to provide a pension scheme now

Based on the information you’ve provided you still need to complete the steps below to meet your automatic enrolment duties.

What help is available to you?

Before you start the steps below, watch our video which gives an introduction to what you need to do and where to find help.

Remember, even if you don’t have anyone who must be put into a pension scheme you still have other duties which include writing to your personal care assistant and completing your declaration of compliance.

If you know that you don't have a personal care assistant who needs to be put into a scheme, you can bring your staging date forward so that you can complete your declaration of compliance early.

What you need to do and by when

Tell us who we should send letters and emails containing help and guidance to.

Make sure you still don't have anyone who must be put into a pension scheme.

You must work out how much each personal care assistant earns, how old they are and write to each of them using our letter templates.

You must tell us that you've met your legal duties by completing your declaration of compliance and ensure you fulfil your ongoing duties.