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Postponement overview script

[Screen text shows: Using postponement for automatic enrolment]

Every employer must put certain staff into a workplace pension and pay into it. This is called automatic enrolment.

Your duties begin on your staging date, but you can delay working out who to put into a pension scheme for up to three months. This is known as postponement.

Postponement doesn’t change your staging date. [Screen text shows: Staging dates can't be delayed] But it may save you time and effort if:

  • You have staff who are on short term contracts that may end within three months.
  • Or you have staff who begin work on a probationary period.
  • Or you want to align automatic enrolment with other business processes like monthly payroll or tax returns.

As you will only need to work out who to put into a pension scheme from staff who are working for you at the end of postponement.

You can use postponement for a single staff member, a group or all of your staff.

[Screen text shows: When can I use postponement?]

You need to be aware that you can only use postponement.

  • On your staging date.
  • On a new member of staff's first day. [Screen text shows: first day of employment]
  • When an existing staff member meets the age and earnings thresholds for automatic enrolment.

You will still have duties during the postponement period, such as writing to those staff affected.

For more information on postponement and to work out if it’s right for you, go to The Pensions Regulator website. [Screen text shows:]

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