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Key points

  • Employers are increasingly using schemes run by large, specialist providers that are designed to be used by many different employers.
  • You can find pension schemes in a number of ways including schemes that have been independently reviewed, the government scheme and schemes listed on industry websites.

Types of pension scheme

The type of scheme most likely to be available to your client is a defined contribution scheme run by a large, specialist provider that is designed to be used by many different employers. These include 'master trusts' that are run by a board of trustees and 'group personal pensions' that are run by financial service companies, eg insurance companies and investment managers.

These schemes generally cost less and require less involvement from the employer compared to other schemes.

Find a pension scheme

You or your client should look at different schemes before deciding which is suitable for them and their staff.

Your client should choose an appropriate scheme that has been independently reviewed (known as 'master trust assurance') or is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Of these schemes, the following have told us they are open to small employers:

Other schemes have master trust assurance but may not be open to all employers.

Schemes listed by industry bodies

You can find lists of other schemes that may be available for automatic enrolment on the following website:

Please note that there are many other pension schemes available that aren't listed here. There may also be other ways for them to demonstrate to employers that their scheme is well run. The regulator takes no responsibility for checking that schemes' claims are accurate.

The regulator cannot recommend, nor does it endorse, any particular pension scheme or any organisation. Inclusion of a scheme or mention of any organisation here does not guarantee their suitability. This web page is provided for information and guidance only.