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FOI 2017-03-14 14/03/2017 Impact of Brexit on TPR's IT systems View
FOI 2017-03-08 08/03/2017 Has TPR sought advice on how to prevent companies from engaging in asset striping activities? View
FOI 2017-03-03(b) 03/03/2017 TPR and government procurement cards View
FOI 2017-03-03(a) 03/03/2017 Percentage of people who do not take up their pensions View
FOI 2017-02-08 08/02/2017 Estimate of costs from the Silentnight case View
FOI 2017-01-31 31/01/2017 Number of master trusts that have pension clients View
FOI 2017-01-27 27/01/2017 HMRC documentation on the agreement of schemes View
FOI 2017-01-25 25/01/2017 Details of TPR's anti-avoidance investigations View
FOI 2017-01-07 07/01/2017 TPR event at the Amex Community Stadium View
FOI 2016-12-29 29/12/2016 New employers and members forecast from 2018 View
FOI 2016-12-20 20/12/2016 How much TPR has spent on BHS investigation View
FOI 2016-12-06 06/12/2016 Budget set aside for BHS investigation View
FOI 2016-11-30 30/11/2016 Number of visits to choose a scheme web page View
FOI 2016-11-24 24/11/2016 Hadrian Trustees Limited of the Shipbuilding Industries Pension Scheme View
FOI 2016-11-23 23/11/2016 Figures for late scheme return submissions by DC schemes View
FOI 2016-11-04 04/11/2016 Value of the penalties issued by TPR View
FOI 2016-10-31 31/10/2016 Whether TPR received the 1 March 1989 document from CH2M Hill View
FOI 2016-10-28 28/10/2016 List of schemes which have received an RAA View
FOI 2016-10-14 14/10/2016 Number of employers planned to be automatically enrolled from 2012 View
FOI 2016-10-13 13/10/2016 Pension entitlements for staff employed by TPR View
FOI 2016-10-12 12/10/2016 Employment Tribunal claim forms View
FOI 2016-09-26 26/09/2016 Halcrow Pension Scheme communications View
FOI 2016-09-21 21/09/2016 External legal advice TPR has received concerning BHS View
FOI 2016-09-12(b) 12/09/2016 Tenders on Contracts Finder between February and October 2015 View
FOI 2016-09-12(a) 12/09/2016 Halcrow Pension Scheme RAA View
FOI 2016-09-08 08/09/2016 Acrow Group Pension Scheme files View
FOI 2016-08-12 12/08/2016 The Pensions Regulator's spending on ICT View
FOI 2016-08-10 10/08/2016 Smart Pension registration number View
FOI 2016-08-09 09/08/2016 Acrow Group Pension Scheme members' rights View
FOI 2016-08-05(b) 05/08/2016 Wallsend Slipway and Engineering Company View
FOI 2016-08-05(a) 05/08/2016 DC master trust schemes and the charge cap View
FOI 2016-08-02 02/08/2016 Universities Superannuation Scheme registration number View
FOI 2016-07-20 20/07/2016 Security and fire products and services used by TPR View
FOI 2016-07-06 06/07/2016 Number of avoidance cases investigated by TPR since 2010 View
FOI 2016-06-24 24/06/2016 Notifications received by TPR preceding a scheme's entry into PPF View
FOI 2016-06-17 17/06/2016 Number of times that concerns have been raised about BHS scheme View
FOI 2016-06-16 16/06/2016 Actual number of employers staging compared to TPR projections View
FOI 2016-06-10 10/06/2016 Meetings and calls between TPR and BHS trustees View
FOI 2016-06-07 07/06/2016 Number of clearances between April 2013 and March 2016 View
FOI 2016-06-05 05/06/2016 Number of anti-avoidance cases TPR has opened in last three years View
FOI 2016-05-26 26/05/2016 Warning letters and fines issued relating to charge controls View
FOI 2016-05-09 09/05/2016 Number of whistleblowing reports received over the past three years View
FOI 2016-04-26 26/04/2016 TPR's compliance requirements for market participants View
FOI 2016-03-16 16/03/2016 Whistleblowing by workers to TPR View
FOI 2016-03-11 11/03/2016 Growth of the compliance and enforcement team over the last two years View
FOI 2016-03-04 04/03/2016 Number of employers left to automatically enrol by February 2018 View
FOI 2016-03-02 02/03/2016 TPR media licence 2013-14 View
FOI 2016-02-10 10/02/2016 Numbers of cases of clearance relating to corporate transactions View
FOI 2016-01-15 15/01/2016 Correspondence between TPR and Sir Philip Green View
FOI 2016-01-11 11/01/2016 Number of Scottish companies still to reach their staging dates 2016-17 View
FOI 2015-12-07 07/12/2015 Responsibility for ICT and digital business change programmes View
FOI 2015-12-03 03/12/2015 Current contracts between TPR and third party suppliers View
FOI 2015-11-24 24/11/2015 Structure of TPR's IT department View
FOI 2015-11-20 20/11/2015 Is British Airways Pension Trustees Ltd registered with TPR? View
FOI 2015-10-20 20/10/2015 Data on master trusts, contract-based schemes and DB plans View
FOI 2015-10-19 19/10/2015 TPR's LAN, SAN and telephone system View
FOI 2015-10-08 08/10/2015 Numbers and brands of IT equipment View
FOI 2015-10-01 01/10/2015 Number of ET1 forms received View
FOI 2015-09-23(b) 23/09/2015 Number of automatic enrolment breaches identified View
FOI 2015-09-23(a) 23/09/2015 Workers with earnings below £10,600 who have opted in or joined a scheme View
FOI 2015-09-17 17/09/2015 Proof of regulation for Goldman Sachs UK Retirement Plan Pension Trustee Limited View
FOI 2015-09-07(b) 07/09/2015 Staging date forecast October to December 2015 View
FOI 2015-09-07(a) 07/09/2015 Services received from Moloney Advisory View
FOI 2015-08-25 25/08/2015 Placement services of personnel tender details View
FOI 2015-08-21 21/08/2015 Number of whistleblowing reports received View
FOI 2015-08-20 20/08/2015 Number of complaints about cold calling received View
FOI 2015-08-10 10/08/2015 Amount paid to CBI and its subsidiaries View
FOI 2015-07-21(c) 21/07/2015 NHS pension reporting contacts View
FOI 2015-07-21(b) 21/07/2015 Confirmation scheme registered with TPR View
FOI 2015-07-21(a) 21/07/2015 List of trust-based DC schemes by asset size View
FOI 2015-06-26 26/06/2015 ICT technical training View
FOI 2015-06-10(b) 10/06/2015 Works of art owned by TPR View
FOI 2015-06-10(a) 10/06/2015 Does TPR have a quality management system? View
FOI 2015-06-01 01/06/2015 Escalating penalty notices and employer size View
FOI 2015-05-12 12/05/2015 TPR and its approach to IT outsourcing View
FOI 2015-05-06 06/05/2015 Number of times TPR has appointed an independent trustee View
FOI 2015-05-05 05/05/2015 Escalating penalty notices and employer size View
FOI 2015-04-23 23/04/2015 Request for details of employers and their staging dates View
FOI 2015-04-16 16/04/2015 Figures for accumulated declarations of compliance View
FOI 2015-03-24 24/03/2015 Number of cases where the regulator has appointed an independent trustee View
FOI 2015-02-20 20/02/2015 Single effective discount rate time series information View
FOI 2015-02-11 11/02/2015 Is Pentos Foreman SSAS a registered scheme? View
FOI 2015-02-02(b) 02/02/2015 Number of MNTs on trustee boards View
FOI 2015-02-02(a) 02/02/2015 How HMIC is regulated and audited View

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