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Supporting your clients through re-enrolment

Everything you need to know about re-enrolment

Help your clients meet their re-enrolment duties on time by viewing the video from our free webinar that took place on 14 February 2017. It's aimed at accountants, bookkeepers, payroll professionals and other business advisers.

If your client's staging date was in 2014, their re-enrolment duties take place in 2017. These vary depending on whether or not they have staff to enrol. We cover all the facts around re-enrolment - the process, choosing the right date, and explaining which staff need to be automatically enrolled.

Our webinars continue to be extremely popular, with 97% of advisers saying they would be happy to attend another webinar.

Watch the recorded webinar

Download the slides

Please note: the information provided in this webinar and accompanying slides is correct at the time of publication. You may wish to check the website for the latest legislative information.

Automatic enrolment