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When your client's automatic enrolment duties start

Ensure you understand what your client’s automatic enrolment duties are and when they come into effect for your clients. Our guide for business advisers has useful tools and resources that will enable you to help your client.

A summary table is available to help you understand when the duties start for your clients, depending on when they first became an employer.

Is your client currently employing someone?

If your client currently employs staff, when they have to complete their duties will depend on their staging date. You can check this date and their duties by following the link below.

Check the duties for these clients

Will your client become a new employer from 1 October 2017?

From 1 October 2017, your client's duties start on the day their first member of staff starts work - this is known as their duties start date. Your client will need to act quickly once their new staff starts working with them, so you should check what they'll have to do so you can provide support.

Check the duties for these clients

Ongoing duties and re-enrolment

You can find information about your client's ongoing duties and automatic re-enrolment, which takes place every three years after your client first completed their automatic enrolment duties.


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